Photo by Georgia Melodie Hole

A faint blue takes paths along my skin.
It betrays the hot red currents beneath,
that sustain, fuel and heal.
Outer skin may prickle at a fresh breeze, or burn in ecstasy,
while inside I feel a frenzy;
life coursing like rapids through my veins.
Life that is joy and despair,
agony and ecstasy,
love and indifference.

When all else seems far,
I must reach out;
break through the many layers of self,
through gasped breaths, streamed tears, flushed skin,
and bring the world in.

The cacophony of humanity,
of flesh and blood,
and the pull of time;
it ebbs and flows like my own,
and whether red or blue, hot or cold,
it is all the spectrum of life.



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